Mervis SCADA

The essential part of the whole Mervis system is SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). SCADA ensures basic functions of the system needed by technicians-controllers in their work to monitor and to manage the controlled technology. For every connected building or area, a data file is defined which specifies the means for data display and communication with terminal equipment. The display has three basic modes:

  • as a list of data points
  • as graphic technological diagrams
  • as historical charts and overviews



Cloud Service

Mervis SCADA can be used as a cloud service. It’s actually the preferred way of using Mervis SCADA as that way you get the most functions and features at the lowest cost.

The Mervis SCADA servers are located in two separate data centers (France, Czech Republic) and all communications are secured by encryption (Let’s Encrypt certificates).

Data Centers

All of our cloud services are provided from two data centers - OVH (primary site, France) and Faster (backup site, Czech Republic). We aim at a very low operating cost that is reflected in the very low price of Meris SCADA and Mervis DB hosting for our customers.


We use both Windows and Linux operating systems. Most of the software applications running on our servers are developed by us. That allows us to further reduce operating cost as there are no license fees related to our growth and we can finely tune performance and features to meet our expectations.


We do not provide any SLA but our measured availability is 99.5%-99.95% each year over the period of the last five years.


We run a regular backup of all data to two off-data center locations every 24 hours.


We update our servers on regular basis.


Both Mervis SCADA and Mervis DB offer secure (HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt certificates) communication APIs. For BMS and control systems that are not capable of encryption, we have to provide also non-encrypted channels of communication. We consider the current state of control systems and the communication standards used in building automation as very inadequate and are working hard to change that.

Unlimited and Free

You get number of features in “unlimited” amount just by subscribing to the cloud service.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited historical data storage
  • Unlimited alarms

Mobile App

You can also download mobile app and use it free of charge.


Or use our free public API to work with your data without Mervis.

Of course - by unlimited and free we mean the usage withing reasonable limits. Such limits were not hit by any of our users so far, so we don’t know the limits, yet:)

On-premises Installation

Mervis SCADA can be installed on your own server - for more info contact sales department.

Please check the minimum requirements to make sure your system is ready to run Mervis SCADA.