{{'Mervis is a service for complex supervision of all operated technologies. This cloud service provides unified centralized data processing and their easy availability for local operating personnel, central supervision, and, if needed, management access.' | i18n}}

{{'It can totally replace local control center and, moreover, adds functions for advanced data evaluation, reports, and effortless access from mobile devices for variety of employees. Thanks to being entirely open, Mervis can be freely connected to additional systems, which need to further work with the operational data.' | i18n}}

{{'Mervis responds to present-day requirements on functional and flexible systems and comprises all important components of regular SCADA systems. With the help of modern cloud technology, a constant updating of the system with immediately available new functions is ensured.' | i18n}}

{{'easy access from any place' | i18n}}
{{'user-friendly interface' | i18n}}
{{'secured internet connection' | i18n}}
{{'no service costs for HW and SW' | i18n}}
{{'speed and reliability of operation' | i18n}}
{{'automatic data back-up' | i18n}}
{{'internet connection' | i18n}}

{{'Modern building control' | i18n}}
{{'and active energy management' | i18n}}

{{'The share of energy and media costs will increase even more in the future and their proper control is high on agenda of all well-managed companies.' | i18n}}

{{'To react to this trend, our company created the unique Mervis system for its customers.' | i18n}}

{{'The system is designed particularly for:' | i18n}}

  • {{'control of technical equipment in buildings' | i18n}}
  • {{'monitoring, evaluation, and management of energy and media consumption' | i18n}}
  • {{'monitoring and evaluation of failure states and emergencies' | i18n}}
{{'The system facilitates energy' | i18n}}
{{'and media savings of up to' | i18n}}


{{'Demo of the Mervis system is available here: ' | i18n}}
{{'Log in name and password: ' | i18n}} demo/demo demo_en/demo

Mervis SCADA

{{'The essential part of the whole system is SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). SCADA ensures basic functions of the system needed by technicians-controllers in their work to monitor and to manage the controlled technology. For every connected building or area, a data file is defined which specifies the means for data display and communication with terminal equipment. The display has three basic modes:' | i18n}}

  • {{'as a list of data points' | i18n}}
  • {{'as graphic technological diagrams' | i18n}}
  • {{'as historical charts and overviews' | i18n}}
Mervis DB

{{'Values from the single data points are periodically stored in the database of historical data. In this database, the data are saved in a special form which enables storing and managing great amount of data (in the order of billions and more records) and fast search and display of the required data at the same time.' | i18n}}


{{'Mervis NOTIFICATOR is a special module which serves to control the processing of information about nonstandard situations, failures, and emergencies. The system is able to communicate via:' | i18n}}

  • {{'sending SMS' | i18n}}
  • {{'sending informative e-mails' | i18n}}
  • {{'sending messages to user\'s help desk (e.g. Alstanet AFM system)' | i18n}}

{{'Within the system, the workflow can be set, i.e. when, to whom, and how messages will be sent. The system stores all alarms in a historical overview and allows their further evaluation and processing.' | i18n}}


{{'Energy Dashboard (ED) is a specialized module designed for monitoring and evaluation of energy and media consumption. ED compares the remotely-read real energy consumption with a mathematical model used both as a comparison base and consumption forecast for several next days. It can be utilized for all applications with online collection of data on consumption of heat or similar energies depending on climatic conditions or other influences (e.g. production in manufacturing companies).' | i18n}}


{{'To optimize the control in specific buildings, online data from the weather forecast can be used. The data from this module are utilized directly by the regulating system. The achieved savings account for as much as 7 %.' | i18n}}


{{'It enables the Mervis system to generate special user reports as combinations of predefined xls files created by the client and historical database data automatically added to the xls files.' | i18n}}


{{'Thanks to an open interface, the SCADA system facilitates the integration of additional plugins (supplementary modules) delivered both by our company and third parties. One of the plugins is a predictive regulation for control of heating and cooling in buildings (MPC - Model Predictive Control). The predictive regulation uses a thermodynamic model of a building to optimize the control and thereby to achieve energy saving of more than 10 %.' | i18n}}