Heating system analysis

Case Study: Heating circuit underheating

Underheating of several heating circuits, all in one building, is addressed in this case study. Three-point-valves of all heating circuits were fully opened but supply water temperature setpoint was not met. It can be seen in the figure bellow how underheating started occurring in the heating systems. Outside temperatures doped after 16.1.2021 resulting in permanent underheating indication.

The detected problem was reported to local technicians and they were able to fix it. There were two heat exchangers providing heat to the heating circuits in the building. One of them was manually turned off. Just one heat exchanger was not able to supply sufficient amount of heat when outside temperatures had significantly dropped. Thanks to early detection, problem was quickly resolved and no occupants complains were reported. Without fault detection in place, one could expect usual scenario when such problem would be addresses after occupant’s complaints.