Energy Twin

Energy Twin Graph

Machine learning package for analysis of energy consumption data. Set of analytical functions, alarms and reports tailored to analysis of energy consumption of buildings. It works best with electrical energy consumption of buildings with setbacks (office, school, retail).

Energy Twin provides the following functionality:

  • Comparison of measured and predicted consumption
    • Quantify the difference
  • Anomaly detection
    • Real time identification of deviation
  • Slow degradation detection
    • Slow but permanent drift in energy consumption
  • Setback evaluation
    • How was your building portfolio performing last Easter?
  • Energy consumption benchmark
    • Set of tailored metrics
  • Alternative scenarios simulation
    • How much energy can be saved if …

Do you have an electrical energy consumption profile for multiple office buildings? We can provide one-shot analysis. What you can expect as a result:

  • PDF reports – detailed information for each building
  • overview tables for building portfolio overview - find the black sheep
  • results interpretation via call with an expert